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Formed in 1991, Gianarelli, Incorporated is a full service commercial & light industrial painting, wallcoverings, and special coatings contractor with an expansive service area covering from top of NJ to the top of MD and Eastern PA. All of our projects are private and open shop. Our client base is comprised of local and national builders, developers, and major corporations.


"In addition to being price conscious, I also look for honesty, professionalism and quality in a contractor.  My experience with Gianarelli, Inc. is that they continuously meet or exceed all of these expectations."

Sam Feingenbaum of Fentell Commercial Contractors, LLC

"I have found Gianarelli, Inc. to be very responsive to the needs of our project. They are concerned about the quality of their work and for making sure our clients are satisfied. Gianarelli, Inc. provides their services in a cost effective manner."

Gary M. Scott, Project Manager for Robert E. Lamb

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